All seminars are designed for each specific venue.  All information is shared by a very informed patient and heart health advocate - you will enjoy her honestly, learn about her , be encouraged and empowered to stand up for yourself and become your own best friend and advocate.  

Popular Topics:

Living with Heart Disease and Heart Conditions

Overview of Treatments and Tests for Heart Disease

Follow up information provided

Living with Heart Disease and Heart Conditions

  • ​Brief introduction and overview of my heart health history
  • ​What are the challenges of daily life when you have one or more heart conditions
  • Share with us the mental and emotional aspects of living with heart disease.
  • What kinds of limitations or adaptations are essential to preserving your health
  • How do you know if you're managing your condition well
  • Time for questions

​Overview of treatments to manage heart conditions and symptoms

  • Overview of tests to measure and diagnosis
  • ​Help you understand the roles of members of the healthcare team and how often a patient should be seeing their doctor
  • Time for questions

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