Everything heart health - encouraging, women through professional writing and seminars ways to control or prevent heart disease. Sharing about the newest health foods, products , clothing through heart health seminars and professional writing.  

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Ladies - let's do this together.  You can prevent or control heart disease!

Lois Trader, commercial writing, creative writing, professional writing, web content writer, writes and speaks with women the facts so they can become an activist, advocate and educator to spread the word and inspire others to make heart health a No. 1 priority.   A two-time survivor of life-threatening disease, and a woman who has lived through bankruptcy - not only financially but physically, psychologically, and spiritually - Lois knows what it is to be bankrupt in every way.  She has risen above these circumstances; her passion now is to give others the courage to do the same.    Lois Trader's wit, wisdom, humor, unvarnished truth, along with a healthy dose of heart healthy practices makes her a sought after speaker. Lois leads with the heart, motivates with laughter, and brings out the best in people. She is brutally honest, first about herself, and what women are thinking.   

Lois Trader

If you could see plaque clogging your arteries - you'd floss them. If you could see a cramped heart muscle - you'd massage it. If you could see a blood clot - you'd wash it out. If you could see inside yourself - you'd talk to your doctor about heart disease.  

Lois Trader